SK-II Cofre

The popular KofreLimited Design Bottles10Available only on May 21st
A reward for yourself for your hard work
Gifts for your important peopleTo the.
This year, SK-II will deliver an unprecedented limited design that is as bold and edgy as street art.
Yellow / Red/White All 3

数量限定So, forgive me when sold out.

A more special gift experience at "FROSHIKI" where street art is fused
This limited-edition design bottle is set with a fusion of traditional Japanese furoshiki and street art. Wrap a bottle of SK-II for a special gift and a reward for yourself. FROSHIKI is a sustainable item that can be used in a variety of ways in one piece, such as wrapping a bottle to make a special wrapping, becoming a bag, or as an accent of the interior, just by devising how to tie it. Enjoy the holiday season even more at NUROSHIKI.
It will end as soon as it is lost.

[Set contents]
Facial Treatment Essence / 230mL(Actual articles)
Facial Treatment Gentle Renderer (Face wash) / 20G
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Wipe-off lotion) / 30mL
Skin power airy (Beauty latex) / 15G

11Limited release on January 1
A popular beauty serum that leads to radiant aura skin

11Available only on May 21st
Power charge clean

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